Hirosato Matsuura (mtzhiro)
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Hirosato Matsuura 松浦弘智  (Photo [João] 

Software Engineer(using PHP, Java on Linux )。

Japanese, born in 1970, Japan, live in Brasil from 2019 (profile detail ).

Long and many professional experiences in IT area especially education sector. Found 4EVR [ fərévɚ ] in Kyoto 2008. ( ,
now at São Paulo) as my business brand. In 2021 start-up kakensha in São Paulo, Brasil.

Subject etc. : chemistry, computer science, digital technology

Also I have experiences infroduce grobal movement like TechSoup, nerdnite

ex. academic carrer: part time lecturer at Doshisha university.

Blog about Tech, AI etc. new technology. See scholar y ( publication ).

Can teach Japanese and advice careers in jobs/compaies/enterprises.

 |_/langag/acgr Language: Portuguese , Esperant , etc.etc. by PHP etc. / opensource , MIT license
-Leadership team member of Clube Poliglota São Paulo - São Paulo, Brazil -Founder:   _ langag   _ -Japanese Meetup in Brasil , organizer (Nihongo chat/ related memo about langag and AI assisted language learning.