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      aula língua inglês com dinheiro , em sp

Hiro’s portuguese as natural language page. LangAG and Meetup page

by scholary.work ( mtzhiro )

aula língua inglês com dinheiro , em sp / ~R$70/hora~

portuguese as natural language Meetup

Offline / CCSP cafe
  with group ' hack life and culture at the AI era '


Every Tuesday evening 18:30 and Saturday 15:00 , CCSP
↑ please fill out this form ↑ and make a reservation if you want to participate (very important. NECESSARY! if no one receives it, there is a risk that the event will be cancelled)
Centro Cultural São Paulo
Rua Vergueiro, 1000 - Paraíso, São Paulo - SP, 01504-000 (At the main entrance at Vergueiro Street, next to the library and the flower beds)
accept people speak different languages but mainly portuguse . one of organizer speak portuguse , English and Japanese .
start beginners level to advance level i can speak . organizer can speak fluent portuguese .
speak and listen portuguse is a key to upgrade your language skill !
open and everybody are welcome .
Meet new people, share life experiences and the most important, have fun!
We hope to see you there!!!
also we gonna talk recent method of learning even use AI , LLM , corpuses .
Let&s hack portuguse learning !
it is free of charge just price of coffee .
also see https://scholary.work/langag/en
Place: CCSP café
find Hirosato with Japones SENSU(fan ; ssll982s62s67) ( l=1, s=5 ) .
wear mask and bring alcohol gel if you want .

Online portuguse Meetup Trial ??

We try Online portuguse Meetup in several platform.


[Material] portuguse for Brasil Portugues speaker beginner

Brasil Portugues for beginner
CC BY 4.0 mtzhiro

for beginner series
- EnglisH 0i.pt/UsEnB
- Japanese 0i.pt/JpJaB
- Portuguese 0i.pt/BrPtB

fazer aula online R$50 ~/hora / I do my online class US$10 / hour ,

Meetup.com polyglota: https://www.meetup.com/clubepoliglota/members/?op=leaders
Leadership team on of Organizer: Hirosato Matsuura ( Hiro )   mtzhiro@gmail.com 5511982562567, (other meetup ' hack life and culture at the AI era ' , i am one of organizer)


Accent Graphics etc.
Accent Graphics etc.
Language: Portuguese , Esperant , etc.etc.

by PHP etc. / opensource , MIT license


-Leadership team member of Clube Poliglota São Paulo - São Paulo, Brazil https://www.meetup.com/clubepoliglota/members/?op=leaders Founder:   _ langag   _ scholary.work -Japanese Meetup in Brasil, organizer (Nihongo chat/Jipang.work) -Japanese teacher

-other profile related memo about langag and AI assisted language learning.