|_🍎Emolingo 🍎


# What is 🍎Emolingo ? 

🍎Emolingo   is Language written with (only) Emoji (💯) to express for example emotions also.
this has  advantage to understand beyound language differences easy.  

# examples

- 🔇🤫 ☔💧🫧💦 ⛲🚿🏞️🚾🩵🔊
shozukesa ya / amatsubu yorite / mizu no oto
the stillness: / rain drops / made streams 

example of 🍎Emolingo and 🍎EMOKU(Haiku by Emoji)

#  project about 🍎Emolingo 

translate all ' CLDR Short Name ' of Emoji as Unicode and translate/make fit all languages in the world.

examples of 🍎Emoingo translation
 |Em| English   |Japanese  ..
 |🍎| apple     |林檎   ..
 |🍏| green apple |青林檎   ..

# issues

some App have still difficulty to display Emoji , for example Emacs 24.3.1 on CentOS7 (in terminal mode).

# related 

🍎EMOKU Haiku with Emoji

Full Emoji List, v15.0

(here) .. https://scholary.work/langag/emolingo
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