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Hiro’s (natural) language page. LangAG 【ラングエージー】 and Meetup page

by ( mtzhiro )

Meetup Japones SP 2023-06-10 sab. 15h CCSP cafe

CCSP cafe

Online Japanese Meetup Trial

We try Online Japanese Meetup in several platform.


Brasil Portugues for beginner

Brasil Portugues for beginner
CC BY 4.0 mtzhiro
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for beginner series
- Japanese
- Portuguese
- EnglisH

fazer aula online R$50 ~/hora / I do my online class US$10 / hour ,

Japanese online meetup

Meetup on-line japonês, talvez coloque outro artigo. / Japanese online meetup , maybe put other article .

fez 2023-04-13 (Qui.) 20h
fez 2022-... 20h

material for meetup ( )
Organizer: Hirosato Matsuura ( Hiro ) 5511982562567,


Accent Graphics etc.
Accent Graphics etc.
Language: Portuguese , Esperant , etc.etc.

by PHP etc. / opensource , MIT license


-Leadership team member of Clube Poliglota São Paulo - São Paulo, Brazil Founder:   _ langag   _ -Japanese Meetup in Brasil, organizer (Nihongo chat/ -Japanese teacher

-other profile related memo about langag and AI assisted language learning.